Welcome to the home of the Vaqueros, the Mexican Cowboys. Sonora in Western Mexico, will be your home for the next 4 days and 5 nights, while fishing the famous Lake Oviachic and shooting the skies for the challenging Mexican doves. Spend half your days, either mornings or afternoons, chasing bass that can reach double digit size and the other half will be spent shooting the vast flocks of four species of doves. The white winged, mourning, collared, and purple dove make up the variety of opportunities that will make you feel like a champion wing shot. The bass fishing includes your own bass boat, guide and tackle, and cold refreshments in the beautiful desert surroundings. This trip includes lodging at a Mexican 4-star hotel in Obregon, traditional Vaquero meals, and all transportation during your trip. This region of Mexico is very safe and filled with friendly locals and vibrant culture. One or two day outing to the beaches of San Carlos and a full day of offshore fishing in the Sea of Cortez is a great add on for your adventure. Hasta Pronto Amigos!