Safari Unlimited is excited to present a unique fishing trip for the massive and prehistoric alligator gar. Capable of reaching in excess of 300 pounds, these creatures patrol the swamps and bayous of South Louisiana in search of schools of fish. Sometimes traveling in large groups, they will slash through bait fish turning and picking off all the wounded and dazed prey. Your adventure will include setting jug-lines with fresh bait each evening only to return to the same waters in the morning searching for bobbing and moving jugs. Similar to a jaws movie, chasing the disappearing jugs as they appear, and in a fleeting moment, gone again. Once captured, you will fight your quarry to the boat-side and dispatch the fish beast in a variety of methods from a ball bat to pistol. Catching a true trophy over 100 pounds is a regular occurrence.  In addition to garfish, reel in a few Redfish and abundant catfish right from the dock. This is an all inclusive 4 day 3 night event. All bayou-side Cajun meals, lodging, guides and plenty of cold beer included.